Helpful Tips For Dealing With Yeast Infections

Any woman who has had yeast infections know how annoying they are. Fortunately, there are a number of effective yeast infection treatments. The article ahead has great tips to make avoiding yeast infections much easier.

Try to avoid stress as much as you can to prevent a yeast infection. Your immune system helps you to ward off infection, and stress wears down your body’s defenses.

You can use some tea tree oil to treat your yeast infection. Mix the oil with a little sweet almond oil, and apply it directly to the vagina. Do not apply the tea tree oil to the area before you mix it with another product to prevent it from burning the area. This can help reduce the amount of bacteria both internally and externally.

Get some sleep! The body’s natural immune system helps defend against yeast infections. When you lose sleep, you will be in a tougher spot to fight a yeast infection. Try to cut out caffeine after lunch time, and do your best to relax and unwind before bed.

When you have a lot of yeast infections, bubble baths and perfumed soaps are a bad choice. Scented products encourage the growth of yeast which can lead to an infection. Be sure to avoid tampons and pads with scents too, as they will have the same negative impact on vaginal chemical balance.

A great, natural remedy for yeast infections involves apple cider vinegar. Apply the diluted vinegar to infected areas or regions that are displaying common symptoms. Because vinegar is highly concentrated, it is necessary to dilute with water. If you begin to itch, add a bit of garlic to the mixture to soothe the itch.

Try to wear looser clothes. Skinny jeans and tight underwear can limit the air circulation around your vagina. Skinny jeans might look great, but the do not allow your crotch the coolness and dryness it needs. If you don’t allow for enough space to air out your crotch area, you are prone to developing a yeast infection. Instead, you should select light, airy pants that provide the crotch area with lots of comfort.

If you have had even one yeast infection in your life, you know that it is something you do not want to experience again. However, if you follow the suggestions from this article, you can get rid of yeast infections for good. Take what you learn here and have a healthy future.

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